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Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2020

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Now that the Holiday season has passed it’s time to recharge and begin anew. What better way to celebrate the start of a new year then by sharing my Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2020. If you are looking for ways to refresh your home this year, these are trends that can be implemented during your home transformation.

1. Wallpaper on Ceilings

Look up and catch the wow! If you know me then you know I love great lighting in a space. Without great lighting you can’t even see the rest of your interior design, but do you know what else I love? The combination of a wallpapered ceiling and a statement light fixture. When I look up at the ceiling, I want to see more interest than just a light fixture. Placing a beautifully patterned wallpaper on your ceiling can create a more fascinating interior, especially when paired with a stylish light fixture.

2. Color is Back

Image by Norwalk Furniture

As an expert in my field I acknowledge trends, however I’m not a designer who lives by the trend. I believe that any admirable designer should create spaces that are relevant to the people who occupy it and inform their clients when trends don’t work for them. Clients are always grateful for that in the end.

3. Rich Fabrics Leather, Mohair, and Suede ( a well done faux is Okay in a budget pinch )

The thought of these luxurious textures is thrilling for me and kicks my creative mind into high gear. You don’t need all three in one area necessarily, however incorporating one or two is a sure way to introduce some well needed stylish textures to your spaces.

4. Uncluttered and Balanced Space

Let’s face it human beings need things, that makes their life and the spaces they live in function better. However, we must have some discipline in all that we bring into our spaces in order to maintain a proper clarity of mind.

5. Create conversational spaces

Be intentional about the way you lay out your floor plan. Plan for spaces that allow you to relax and enjoy your favorite drink while also enjoying conversation with family and friends. Creating this type of space can require patience and thought. Focus on placing seating in a way that allows you to easily see each other’s faces.

6. Investments in the internal-self

Who do you want your future self to be, as opposed to who you are in this current moment? What goals and aspirations have you set for yourself? As you look around your environment what do you possess that truly adds value to your growth? In 2020 we will shift our thinking from the external to the internal with better self-care, and being around things that nourish, uplift and inspire us. I enjoy nice cars and other material belongings that very well impress others, however in 2020 I want to focus inward on the things that will help me to achieve all that I am meant to be. This includes creating a space for my body and spirit to reside in clarity, balance and yes beauty.

7. East Asian Motifs and Influences

As I reviewed all the new fabrics that we received in the studio, I quickly realized that a lot of the fabrics have a lot of east Asian influence. These fabrics featured both Japonism and Chinoiserie motifs. My staff and I are thrilled with the new take on the fabrics, which possess a sense of architecture.

8. Strong Patterns

I love patterns, they can help define a surface, create scale, and add visual interest to any space. The most common patterns used in Interior Design include stripes, geometric, floral/organic, and motif prints. Patterns are exciting to use and can turn an ordinary scheme to extraordinary!

9. Art & Accessories

Accessories are the final layer you need when finishing off an interior, however it can be tempting to clutter your space when there are so many home décor items made available to you. I prefer to select a few unique pieces to accessorize my space rather than filling it up with too many smaller items. Larger items often cost more but the good news is you need a lot less to create that wow focal point.

10. Incorporate Living Plants

Including plants in the interior has become a popular concept in interior design, they’re various sizes and textures make them perfect for finishing off any design scheme. Indoor plants are great when used as accent pieces, but they can also benefit your health. Having plants in your space can help improve air quality, energize your mind and reduce stress.

Now that I don’t have kids to look after they provide living, growing things for me to care for. I have lost a few along the way, but I’m learning.

If upgrading your home is on your 2020 To-Do List, give us a call and we'll help you achieve those interior design goals. You can stop into our storefront in Richmond, VA anytime for a free consultation at the Kiosk with one of our interior design representatives.

With joy,

Angela Wilson Lee

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