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Believe N U Academy developmental school entrance hall intrior design

Evidence-based design

Increasing societal demands have made it more challenging to compartmentalize our lives. The daily stresses compile when our environments do not offer the balance that we need. Interior design is most successful when the design process is led by the needs and well-being of the individuals who will utilize the space.

“Industry leaders are finally investing in interior spaces that enhance the health, happiness and productivity of their company, and it's paying off big time”

Providing clients with proper lighting, color, sustainable and functional furnishings, and meaningful accents works to elevate their spirits. Studies have shown that National Geographic-like nature photos dramatically reduce stress levels in hospitals. Additionally, psychological studies have shown that hospitals with unconventional, thoughtful, and creative architecture and interior design statistically result in a lowered need for medication. This results in a higher morale among patients, even while in the midst of unfortunate circumstances. I know this not only because of a myriad of sources, but also because of my own personal experience. Thus, I hope to implement a higher level of interior design consciousness before the deterioration of our health and mental well-being.With over twenty years of experience as an interior designer, I have instinctively practiced interior design with the whole being in mind. Science now supports what I have long practiced: that overall wellness and vitality can either be quenched or unfulfilled by the spaces which we inhabit. My message is not that beautiful aesthetics are not important; instead, it is that we can have spaces that look creatively gorgeous while addressing our individual needs as emotional, visually-simulated humans who thrive when our environments meet our individual needs.

Aquatic-themed administrative office interior design


With advancements in the fields of neuroscience and aesthetics, we see that mental health issues can be either triggered or alleviated by the spaces we inhabit. Does your environment renew and uplift you? Is it a retreat from the influences of the world, or does it cause further stress and anxiety?

This knowledge is powerful, and Wilson Lee Interiors uses that power to inspire a life of peaceful refuge. I have a gift of finding inspiring design ideas and bringing clarity, balance, and beauty to the chaotic world entering our living spaces. Our environment should provide the proper balance to live and work, and I am dedicated to creating that for my clients.

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