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Corporate Consulting Workshops

As an award-winning interior designer and productivity expert, I strategize with corporate clients to merge their brand and mission with their interior aesthetics.

“The best places to work are forward thinking concerning the effects of interior spaces and mental health. Industry leaders are using design as a tool to invest in the overall well-being of their teams and the productivity of their companies.

It’s important to discover how your corporate space can assist your organization in reaching its potential.


In order to compete in today's global society, it is vital that your company adapt to changing attitudes toward the workplace. Work spaces which appeal to the comforts and conveniences of home, as well as provide adequate space for employees to collaborate, see higher productivity, team building and employee satisfaction overall when compared to the traditional corporate office. My consulting workshops are designed to achieve this by improving workplace aesthetics and organization, motivating team members and spreading your company’s vision through strategic design. 

Aquatic-themed administrative office interior design

Discovering the full potential of a space is of the utmost importance for a company's culture and success. Thus, at my interior design firm, I focus on creating intentional workspaces that empower, motivate, and uplift all who utilize it. 


Through our company seminars and events, we work to unlock the potential for both individual work spaces, and collaborative environments that motivate teams to set and accomplish goals, and think outside of the box.


In the end, my exclusive, personalized strategies with your organization and individual team members help to achieve a workspace that encourages focus and productivity.

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